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Democracy to Come was developed as a website to bring together my research in one place: to document all the things that I write about, all the things I explore through my research and all the things that inspire and make me happy. I hope that in sharing them through this blog they provoke others to think more about democracy, freedom at work and how popular culture shapes how we think about our working lives.

“Sociocracy at Work” Event One

March 1st – 3rd 2019, Jubilee Conference Centre, Nottingham University The purpose of the “Sociocracy at Work” event was to reflect and integrate the findings of a three year ESRC project: “A Democracy to Come?

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Disney and Organizational Readiness

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable areas of research I have been involved with over the past few years has revolved around a study of Disney animations and their relation to work and organizational

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Technical University of Denmark

I visited Copenhagen in the winter snow to experience democracy at work in a University department. When I set out on exploring democracy at work, one of the last places I expected to find its

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Studio Ghibli and the representation of work

Studio Ghibli and the representation of work Following on from the Disney research I was encouraged to explore further the influences of animations on children’s emerging understanding of work and organizational life. I had discussed

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